It’s an industry conference, or a sort of DIY for food entrepreneurs, or perhaps a sustainability conference masquerading as a food event. Whatever it is, FoodWorx is happening tomorrow. For a mere $129 you can attend a day’s worth of:

Short (20-minute), to the point, inspirational talks from thought leaders in our industry – in TED style. No death by Powerpoint.

They don’t appear to be lying about the thought leaders. I’m sad about missing this, and equally sad that I had to learn about it from the Mercury, today. Seems like poor marketing for a conference that wants a diverse audience.

There are discounts for students and (f)unemployed folks, so if you are of a mind, go check it out.

Raven & Rose
1331 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
(503) 222-7673
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Downtown Drama

Nestled at the base of Ladd Tower in the historic Ladd Carriage House, Raven and Rose reminds me forcibly of the Lord of the Rings movies, if Middle Earth had been less dirty. It is a throwback, from its location in the gorgeously restored Ladd Carriage House to a menu that ties in to Portland’s dream of the 1890s by importing Irish and English staples. Continue Reading…

Blue Star Donut Case

Blue Star Donuts

1237 SW Washington
(503) 265-8410

Holy crap that’s a good donut

You already pay upwards of $2 (or more) for a morning pastry at a lot of places, so let’s get this “$2.50 for a donut?” nonsense out of the way. Continue Reading…