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In which we discuss the trouble with Thrillist, PDX Breakfast, and streamlined cyber-stalking of chefs.

Chef’s Feed is the best thing I’ve ever heard of

Via an email from Thrillist this morning I discovered Chefs Feed, an app that provides recommendations for restaurants from chefs around the country. The Portland lineup is pretty solid, and I’m going to have to download the app just for the sake of remembering the names of some of the people behind my favorite places.

It’s like a foodie Facebook, which makes me a little leery of the quantity of advertising that must be going on to make this any kind of profitable. But if Twitter has taught us anything, it’s that nothing can go wrong if you wait a while before you have a business model.

Speaking of Thrillist

So I’ve been writing this for what, nine days? Ten? The point being that before this I was subscribed to only a fraction of what I’m now subscribed to, whether RSS, email, and so on, in order to make Good Morning Noms as interesting and diversely sourced as possible. I’m not even close to done getting everyone around the Nompire into the mix. Not a problem with Thrillist – it was loud and belligerent and, I sorta thought, written by the kinds of people who would run a severe risk of being stabbed with a fork.

“Dude! You stabbed me with your fork, bro!”

See? I’m even fantasizing in block quotes. It’s not (solely) that they’re dudebros, bro. That sort of sham masculinity is a classic posture for post-irony males who didn’t like irony and sure as crap don’t like what came after, dude. It is annoying but transparently so – and anyway, dudebros and I can agree on many things, even if our reasons are acres apart.

But this shit will not stand. Leave alone that Lardo’s burger is amazing, and perhaps worthy of a list, the rest of it is a mockery of what the Portland burger arms race has done for the rest of us. Not a single one of these (and I would include Lardo’s) is in the top five of anyone who, you know, lives and eats in Portland. Even the thought of creating a link bait article about the five best burgers would send us shuddering into a protective crouch. There are too many and they are too good. To end up with this list?…I don’t even. It would be like if Miyagi came home and there was still a big pile of paint cans and Daniel-san was reading Tiger Beat and idly picking leaves off a bansai tree.

“Dude, bro, I don’t want to call you out or anything, but you totally just made a pop culture reference. That’s like our thing. We’re not so different you and…OW! DUDE!”

So you go on, dude. Continue being awesome and talking about stuff that your bros like. Name drop Christina Aguilera (during the skanky phase, of course) in your review of Lardo. Just know that I’m on to you. I may be the last person in Portland to figure it out, but I got there in the end.

Autumn. What are you doing? Autumn. STAHP.

There’s seriously no escaping it now. Fall has fallen upon us. The good news? We’re in apple country, and apples are good.

It’s a PDX Breakfast week!

Long ago in the days of yore Don Park and Amber Case decided to have a breakfast tweetup at Fuller’s Coffee Shop. It being on the Twitters, a fair number of breakfast loving people arrived. Somehow I became the declarer of the next #pdxbreakfast (hint: I think it’s because I really freaking like breakfast). Then it got a Twitter handle. For a while now it has had a site. There has been something of a recent resurgence in attendance, thanks largely to the new impresario Eva Schweber.

Jeez, I’m a windbag today. There’s a PDX Breakfast this week in Milwaukie. Go eat there and meet new people.

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