Good Morning, Noms! – Oct. 29

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Good Morning Noms 10 29 12

We can pickle that

KQED has a great how-to for pickled peppers that makes it look almost not scary. Of course, Portland is already canning-mad, but for those of us who still think that it’s all crazy voodoo (or who happen to have a ton of jalapeños at the moment), this is a decent gateway to the magic of mason jars.

While we’re speaking of canning, this weekend I was reminded of how lucky I was to have a father in law who pulls big huge Chinook salmon out of the Umpqua river on a regular basis. Why? because the resulting canned fish makes this classic salmon mousse recipe from the Silver Palate cookbook absolutely the best party dish ever. It’s so dang fast with canned salmon.

Squash – it’s not just for goats anymore

This is another “down on grandpa’s farm” tradition – the goats get the jack-o-lanterns after the holiday is done. In any event, Baking Bites has a lovely little rundown of what to do with the squash that is arriving at the farmer’s market these days. I’m always of two minds about that. On the one hand, they’re glorious colors and always make me smile. On the other hand, it must mean that winter is nearly here, and that the market itself will soon go into hibernation.

I have never had a damn bit of luck with this, but…

People interested in toasting pumpkin seeds in the aftermath of their carving exploits (or even after making soup or puree or what have you) will no doubt do a much better job.

Hazelnuts, now – I can toast a hazelnut with the best of them. Pumpkin seeds remain elusive (although in fairness the last batch I tried wasn’t horrible).

Also re: canning

As Sandy hits the northeast, the USDA has a pamphlet on food safety that should be top of mind for anyone focused on emergency preparedness.

Apparently Halloween is on Wednesday

I haven’t got my costume ready. At all. Not even a little.

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