Good Morning, Noms! -Oct. 31

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Halloween, otherwise known as the Orgy of Crappy Candy, is upon us! My “Charlie of Charlie’s Angels” costume is ready (you never see him, so the costume largely consists of an old school speakerphone “helmet.”) Whatever you’re doing, stay safe and nom noms.

Indulgences are often sticky. Discuss.

Candy is delightful. People giving you candy for wearing a costume is pretty much the best thing ever. I’m not sure when the “Erotic Ball” business started, but I suppose it’s a grown-up take on the practice of indulging in things while wearing a silly costume. I digress, and what’s more I can no longer encourage you to be safe and use glow sticks, because ew.

THE POINT IS, if you have children, you’re going to have a lot of candy in the house. Luckily, HuffPo Taste has gathered together a bushel of recipes that utilize things that your kids have harvested.

On the less forced and more delicious end of things, there is a great round up of homemade treats at Baking Bites. Or you could just whip up some witch fingers.

Is there any point at which this man is not boring?

Mitt Romney’s favorite meatloaf recently appeared on his wife’s corner of the web. The recipe linked above is an adaptation, but I’ll note that a fresh bread crumb can do wonders for a meatloaf. This is the kind of rustic, down-home life that Mitt lived when he only made six figures.

Portland’s restaurants turn chicken

One thing I can do is poultry. If a bird and an oven/bbq/elaborate array of mirrors is involved, I can get a good (perhaps even excellent) result. So I was delighted to see that MIX Magazine was giving the humble roasted chicken it’s due. Learn where to go to get their favorite roasted chicken dishes.

This has nothing to do with food, per se…

…but if you’re into seasonal desktop wallpapers you could do a lot worse than Smashing Mag’s monthly offering. A lot of turkey & cornucopia themed delights are there for the taking.

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