Good Morning, Noms! -Nov. 16

November 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Guy Fieri part one million, which pre-made pie crust you can use and maybe get away with it, and a lovely little sit down with the chef of Smokehouse 21 as the restaurant celebrates its first anniversary.

Good Morning Noms 11 16 2012


Nompire is here for you throughout the holidays. Starting next week, though, it’s going to get pretty recipe heavy. I figure you already know what to do this Thanksgiving, but I might try to give you some little lovely things to try out for the holiday season.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Grouponicus is upon…ic-us. That, good friends, is an affiliate link. Give the gift of food, drink, or goods to your people.

Speaking of the holidays…

If you’re supposed to bring something and are absolutely doomed, there’s nothing like the old “sprinkle twisted puff pastry with something and bake it” trick. Bonus points for “fill little puff pastry squares with something and bake them.” In the same spirit, vendors of all types have been trying to make it easier to bang out a pie by skipping the whole crust step. Alas, it is not as easy as all that, as a recent Cook’s Country roundup proves. I note, however, that one frozen dough did get a recommendation. Perhaps the next time you desperately need a thing for the party at the Sprongnoggles’ house, you could make some hand pies. With pear. And bacon.

Smokehouse 21, one year in

Eater PDX has a nice interview with BJ Smith of Smokehouse 21 about the first year of business, getting into the bottled sauce trade, and the future. These interviews are always interesting and this one might be one of my favorites. Plus, duh, Barbecue.

Fieri mega-roundup by the Food Dude

Yesterday Portland Food and Drink did the hard work and provided some insightful, measured comments on the Guy’s American Kitchen hullaballoo. It is a noble effort, and worth reading, not least because it raises some questions about diner expectations that are worth exploring. Is the reviewing public at least partially to blame? Just how powerful is Yelp momentum? Go forth and read.

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