Good Morning, Noms! -Nov. 7

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It’s time to come together to build this nation that we love. Whether we roast the turkey or grill it, whether we dip in in a vat of boiling fat and set our house on fire, or craft an ersatz bird out of tofu…

Sorry. Actually, no I’m not. The best speeches are election night speeches. It almost makes you wonder why campaigns even bother with any other kind.

Good Morning Noms 11 7 2012

The Sandy benefits keep on coming

The latest is a collaboration between Beast, St. Jack, and Nedd Ludd, hosted by Beast on November 19. 100% of the proceeds from the event will go to Sandy relief, so you can sleep easy knowing that you just paid $250 to eat six courses, drink some great wine & spirits, and help people across the vast patchwork quilt of red and blue that defines this great nation.
(I don’t brine. I know people are all about it. I also know that I’ve yet to have a bird dry out on me, because of my OCD basting.)

EAT Oyster Bar’s annual Gumbo Cook-off this Saturday

Starting at noon, EAT will be hosting a Gumbo Cook-off that I understand from a person who knows is pretty amazing. Chefs from across our fair city gather to take up one of the classic, immortal debates: which way to do a thing that lots of people do almost-but-not-quite the same way is the best. There are as many gumbos as there are people who make it, and you can try them all. The same person who knows recommends being relatively prompt – they do, in fact, run out of gumbo.

I’ve never quite forgiven EAT for booking a live band to play over the top of the World Cup final, necessitating a hasty retreat to the house of a friend of a friend to actually hear the game. They seemed genuinely surprised that a table of ten got up and left. Ambience uber alles, I guess.

And then there was one

As we roll into November, the only farmer’s market open in the Portland Farmer’s Market lineup is the Saturday PSU market – and even that one looked a little sparse this past weekend. Viridian Farms, Nonni’s Noodles, and a couple of other regulars have rotated out. Still plenty to see and buy, of course, until December 15, when you will hopefully have friends who are way into canning.

Win a Willie Bird turkey from the good folks at Williams Sonoma

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Leave a comment on this blog post at the Blender and you may be dining on a lovely free range turkey that you may or may not have brined in WS’ own Apple & Spice mixture.

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