Good Morning, Noms! -Dec.19

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Guy Fieri continues to amaze, this time with a frozen dessert pizza that is (allegedly) burning people’s mouths off of their face. In other news, Din Din Supper Club gets a home, and the Kennedy School’s English Wing is open for viewing.

Good Morning Noms 12-19-12

I swear to god, this is real

It’s the Guy Fieri “S’mores Indoors” pizza. It also happens to have a little bit of chili powder in there, for haute cuisine authenticity. Sadly, that’s not something that the packaging calls out very loudly, so some people have been, shall we say, surprised.

If Fieri becomes any more ridiculous I fully expect a rat chef to take up residence in one of his kitchens, like, soon.

The Din Din Supper Club is also now real

Not that it wasn’t real before – Courtney Sproule’s series of pop-up dinners, bearing the kitchy name “Din Din Supper Club,” were popping up before pop-ups were cool. But now she’s going to have an actual place, PDX Eater’s inestimable Erin Dejesus reports.

DIY cheese at Williams Sonoma

There is a fantastic post at The Blender about making your own ricotta or mozarella. This is of course a shameless attempt to sell kits to do that very thing, but a cook armed with the recipes in the post could find their own damn rennet tablets, am I right?

This seems like a fantastic activity for food-curious kids and their parents. Imagine making a pizza with your own cheese. And like all great kitchen experiments, it combines scientific principles with actual delicious results. Put on Wallace and Gromit while you’re working and you’ve hit the trifecta.

Kennedy School reveal

McMenamins has completed the expansion of the Kennedy School, following a plan you would expect from the brothers of this sprawling empire – funky, kitchy, and Portland-y without being lame.

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