Good Morning, Noms! -Dec. 17

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Portlandia returns for a winter special that’s heavy on food jokes, and a women-owned gift basket company appears selling local artisan food products for shipment across this great land. I’m trying very hard not to believe that the latter is not a cleverly veiled marketing campaign for the former. Especially because we placed an order for friends last night.

Good Morning Noms 12 17 12

Express all the hipster disdain you want, the show is pretty damn funny

Portlandia’s…holiday special?…was this weekend, with a couple of pretty funny culinary sketches. The running gag of the show was Peter’s addiction to pasta, while Jim Gaffigan and Matt Lucas were the proprietors of “Stu’s Stews,” a food cart that has some marketing issues.

Check out a clip of the bookstore ladies at IFC, and hopefully the stew skit (at least) will show up eventually.

Give Portland Gifts

Carmen and I searched for hours (well, strictly speaking, I was folding laundry and occasionally shouting suggestions) last night for a pair of friends who have everything, buy every kitchen gadget imaginable two months before you’ve heard about it, etc. It was with a great cry of triumph that Carmen found Give Portland Gifts, which bundles up artisan noms from our fair city and sends them around the country to your jealous relatives. It’s a women-owned cadre of locavores on a mission.

Mini Santa hat cupcakes at Baking Bites

My work here is done.

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